Our Fleet

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Top of the Line Fleet and Equipment

Our fleet consists of top of the line equipment that is operated by drivers with over 30 years of experience. This allows us to provide the safest and most comfortable ride available for your horse.

Vans are complete with:

  • Air ride technology
  • Various stall configurations
  • Wide doors
  • Low ramps with side walls for ease and safety when loading and unloading
  • Ventilation that provides comfortable airflow and temperature

Each horse transport trip is dispatched to enable ultimate efficiency and non-stop travel. Team drivers operate vans so your horses are not on the truck longer than absolutely necessary. Drivers stop every 4 hours to inspect the truck and care for the horses. This includes filling water buckets, hay nets, and checking for physical stress. Our drivers truly care about their passengers and do their best to ensure a safe and comfortable trip, giving you peace of mind knowing that your horses are in great hands. Please contact us if you would like to learn more or if you have any questions!