Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you ship to my area?

We ship to the majority of locations that are requested by our customers. We have frequent horse transport trips between Washington State and Southern California. We also have trips running between the west and east coast approximately every 10 days. Our cross country routes vary trip to trip. However, we base our trips on 2 main routes. Horses that need to travel to points further east than Kentucky usually will have 1-2 nights layover at our hub located in Lexington before going on to their east coast destination. See the states we routinely deliver to

How do I schedule transportation of my horse?

If you would like to become listed on our schedule, please call the office and speak with our staff.

How do I pay for the shipment?

We accept major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) or cashier’s check

What paperwork will I need before my horse is transported?

You will need a current health certificate and Coggins report from your veterinarian. These can be given to the driver at time of pickup or faxed to the office in advance (so long as not traveling to and from Florida or Arizona, as these states require the original documentation)

What will my horse eat while en route?

Your horse will be watered and fed an alfalfa/grass hay mix while traveling. We do not feed them grain while en route due to its tendency to cause colic.

Who will be caring for my horse en route?

Our drivers will look after your horse during the trip. They stop every 4 hours to inspect the van and horses. During this time they fill water buckets, hay nets, and check horses for distress.

What type of stall will my horse travel in?

Your horse may travel in a stall and a half or a box stall. A stall and a half is 4’ by 9’. A box stall is 8’ by 9’. The customer determines the stall size they would like for their horse. However, mare and foals are required to travel in a box stall. We also recommend that breeding stallions have a box stall as well.

Should I wrap my horse’s legs?

The decision to wrap your horse’s legs is left to you. However, if the wraps become loose or fall off our drivers will remove them from the stall and not re-apply them.

Should my horse wear a blanket?

Horses can tolerate cold weather much better than hot. It is best to load your horse without a blanket, as the drivers can control the temperature of the van by opening and closing the windows.

Can my tack be shipped with you too?

Yes! We can take reasonable amount of tack with your horse.